What Is the Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

What Is the Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO You’ll Find Online? Your Golden Ticket Is Here!

What Is the Best Keyword Research Tool For SEOWhen I first starting writing blogs, I had no clue about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). One of the first eye openers was the power of keywords and how to choose them. So many people are trying to figure out what is the best keyword research tool for SEO.


Well, the short answer is that picking the right keywords is vital to getting your website seen. Once you’ve taken the steps of, first, choosing your niche, and, second, building your site on the right platform, you’ll need the tool I feel is a “must-have” for getting traffic to that site.

In this article I’m going to introduce you to Jaaxy and show you why this tool will be your one stop shop when it comes to creating quality content that builds traffic.

What Is the Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

what is the best keyword tracking tool for SEO

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

Every time we search Google, we type in keywords to find what we’re looking for. Google is so good at this it will try to predict what we’re going to type.

what is the best keyword research tool for SEO

A keyword research tool will take all this data from millions of search queries and rank them. Once they’re ranked, we can find out which keywords are being searched for the most, which have the least competition, and which are the “low hanging fruit” keywords that are vital to getting a website seen.

Take a look at this video put together by the co-founder of Jaaxy as he details why it’s the best keyword research tool you’ll find today.

what is the best keyword research tool for SEO

Watch the video detailing why Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool.

Understanding Jaaxy and its Features: Using the Keyword Research Tab

The keyword research tab is the main body of Jaaxy. Type in any keyword into Jaaxy’s keyword search bar and you’ll tap into the power of this awesome tool.

You get quite a list of related keywords and can see how they rank according to several different categories. Let’s research the keyword “ways to make money online”. Notice that keywords aren’t singular words, but are actually phrases people use to search Google.

what is the best keyword research tool for SEO

Let’s break down what each column means.


This is a list showing not only your keyword, but also related keywords to the one you’re searching.


This column shows the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month. Our keyword here “ways to make money online” averages almost 7,000 searches per month.


This gives you an idea of the number of monthly visits to your website you’ll get if you achieve first page rankings in the search engines. In our example, you could expect over 1,000 visits to your website if you ranked on the first page of Google searches.


“Quoted Search Results”. This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. In the example above, our keyword is not an example of a “low competition” keyword. 332 different sites rank for this keyword.

As a result, choosing this keyword for any article you write will find your post lost in the back pages of Google’s search. No one goes to the 9th page to find anything. Because of this, AVOID HIGH COMPETITION KEYWORDS.

In the early stages of building your website, you should concentrate on “low hanging fruit” keywords. These are keywords which average 100 or more monthly searches, but have less than 100 websites competing for that keyword. “Good ways to make money online” would be a much better choice in this example. When you first start your website, all the monthly searches begin to add up when you have post after post using low competition keywords. Jaaxy makes this proven strategy easy to implement.


“Keyword Quality Indicator”. Using easy to understand traffic light signals, Jaaxy quickly tells you whether keywords are a good choice or not. Because of all the competition for our original keyword, we get a red light. However, “good ways to make money online” fairs much better and we get a green light. This is a much better choice to get the desired traffic.


This is a score based on the traffic and competition. The closer to 100, the better chance you have of ranking on the first page for this keyword. Our original keyword shows an abysmal “9”, however because we use Jaaxy we have found a great alternative. “Good ways to make money online” has a very good score of 94. Nice!


This shows you the availability of domains related to the keyword. You may find a keyword with great traffic and low competition that you’d actually like to create a whole .com, .net, or .org domain around.

Using the Alphabet Soup Tab

what is the best keyword research tool for seo

Have you ever tried to find words that rhyme with one another?

You’ll pick a word, like “cat”, and then run through the alphabet trying to find words that rhyme. “At”, “bat”, “cat”, “fat”, “hat”, and so on. This is the premise for the alphabet soup technique.

The “alphabet soup” feature allows you to enter any search term you like, and the program goes through the entire alphabet looking for words before and after your search term to find related keywords. These aren’t random words just added to your keyword. These are the taken from popular searches.

Now you can take the new version of your keyword and plug it back in to see if it’s better than what you started with.

Saving and Managing Your Keyword List Within Jaaxy

It’s nice to have some organization when it comes to your content. Over time as you’re using Jaaxy you will surely come upon keywords that you’d have never thought of on your own. You may also see keywords that have spectacular stats that you’d like to use later.

This is where saving and managing your keyword lists comes into play.

what is the best keyword research tool for seo

At any time while doing your research, you can simply click the checkbox to the left of a keyword and an option comes up to save it to a list. You can save it to a new list or to an existing one.

The picture above is my list I have saved for possible future articles. I can add to this list, change its name, export it, create several lists on different topics, you name it. It’s yet another organizational tool Jaaxy gives you to use.

Using Jaaxy Brainstorm

The video at the top of the page covers a few more features, but the last feature I’d like to focus on here is Jaaxy Brainstorm. This is an absolutely great tool for finding trending keywords across a number of internet platforms.

what is the best keyword research tool for seo

Jaaxy brainstorm stays current with the top trending searches across Google, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa topics, Amazon best sellers, and what’s trending on twitter. It will show you a long list of top ranking topics that you can add to your own Brainstorm Queue simply by clicking the “+” beside each topic.

Once it’s in your brainstorm queue, you can start your keyword research to find the best possible keyword to write an article around for that trending topic. Using topical keywords is a great way to get your articles and website seen.

Internet spikes occur all the time around trending topics. Now you can take advantage of this extra traffic and get eyes to your site.

Give Jaaxy a Try and Start Finding Great Keywords!

Are you ready to give Jaaxy a spin? Go right ahead and get started below! Nothing beats 30 free searches that will get your website the supercharge it needs to get to that next level, right?

There’s even more to Jaaxy than what you’ve seen here. You can check it out for yourself at www.jaaxy.com. Take full advantage of this tool and get your articles out to the masses!

And if you’re truly serious about creating an online business, get the right training to take it to the next level. Check out my #1 recommendation for creating a consistent monthly revenue stream online.

The training there is unmatched, it delivers, and you can try it out free.

Add Jaaxy along with it to your tool belt and you’ll be well on your way to firing your boss and making full time income online.

Now that you have this great tool to get traffic it’s time to understand how to keep them. Follow me over to my article on the critical steps you need to take to keep traffic, whether it be for a casual blog or an online business site.


What do you think? What is the best keyword research tool for SEO in your opinion? Is this keyword research tool worthy of being added to your tool belt? Further, what process do you currently use when trying to find a good keyword to write an article around? Are you doing the absolute most you can to capitalize on the internet and turn a profit? Let me know in the comments below! Share your experience!


  • Anika says:

    Thanks for this article. I am typically afraid of technical stuff, but knew I needed to do a better job of my business website and online marketing. Your article was so clear and helpful. I tried Jaaxy, and it is everything you said. What an awesome tool for finding keywords. Thanks for making this subject understandable even for someone like me!

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Eric,
    Nice review of Jaaxy. Keyword searching is definitely a strategic method for bloggers and I am so happy to have discovered Jaaxy myself 🙂 Thanks for the reminder with the lowing hanging fruit. Very insightful post for those without knowledge of keywords.

  • Eric man I can’t agree with you more. I love Jaaxy myself and I enjoy your post because now I do even more (especially because of that awesome brainstorm feature). Your post is just so detailed and informative, I can’t believe you did this on your own. Great solid article and content I expect nothing less. And as for my question, what do you like the most about Jaaxy?

    • Eric Cantu says:

      I appreciate the kind words, Jonathan. Thanks for the insight. I love that Jaaxy is a one stop shop, not only for keyword research, but for all the other features it has, you really can’t beat it. Getting traffic is a major key for anyone online, and by using Jaaxy, you have a tool that can really make a difference. Thanks again!

  • Damien says:

    Nice! Just wanted to say, Fantastic product! I’ve used it, still using it, and what you say is exactly how it is.. I’ve gotten my website to the top of Google for countless keywords and always on top for my main keyword.

    Good job overall!

  • kevon says:

    Hi Eric,

    Really great article Eric. This was not only a great recommendation for using Jaaxy, which I fully endorse by the way, but it was also an awesome refresher ‘course’ on keyword research. Thanks for sharing and enlightening.



  • Daniel says:

    This is a really great tool for doing keyword research. To be effective in internet marketing, a tool like Jaaxy is really important to save time and effort. Otherwise a lot of time will be wasted either just on searching keywords or having pages without much traffic!

  • JelenaBB says:

    Hello Eric,
    thank you so much for this post. I learn a lot form just one page. Earlier, when I see SEO word, I will run away. It sounded to me like nuclear science. I am going to try Jaxy and find some trending keywords for my site. And I am going to see what other great post you have here.
    Btw. you live my dream life 🙂

  • This is a great review for Jaaxy. I am going to come back and look it over again when I can get back to my computer on Monday. Nice that you have included a video and explained everything so clearly.

    I have been trying to use another keyword tool, but it isn’t as easy and I am not very good at keyword reasearch. I usually try to find something for my topic and then I give up and call it what I want to. Frustration is the name of the game for me when it comes to choosing low hanging keywords.

    I was told there is a free version. Is that true. Or is it only the free trial?


    • Eric Cantu says:

      How’s it going, Jeannie! With Jaaxy you get a free trial that lets you do 30 searches, and you can start that up above in the jaaxy search bar I included in the post. After that, if you like what you see you can sign up for $19/month which of course gives you unlimited searches.

      Definitely take your time and watch the video because picking the right keywords makes a big difference to Google ranks. Now that I mention it I ma have to go back and add that once you’ve found your keyword, you should put it in your title and then somewhere in the first paragraph within the post.

      Thanks again!

  • MikeKiss87 says:

    Hey, Eric thank you for all the information. This blog is very clean and precise. I really like that you have a video in your post too.

  • Simlulan says:

    To get your blog or youtube popular, SEO is certainly a important factor to reach out to more audience. I am now using Jaxxy and I am perfectly satisfied with the service that Jaxxy has provided. Because of that, my first video got ranked top on the youtube search. Now, it has hit around 230k views. I got to earn around 567 dollars from youtube which is kind of a happy occasion.

    • Eric Cantu says:

      That’s an untapped market for me as of right now. It’s very cool that you can use this for YouTube ranking just as you can with google. Very nice. Thanks for commenting!

  • mitch says:

    Great article on how to use Jaaxy and keyword research. I also use Jaaxy and I absolutely love it. I wasn’t aware of the brain storm feature. I will have to give that a try.
    Thanks for the tip!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      I think so many people go straight for the keywords that they forget about the brainstorm feature. I’m loving it now. Knowing the current trends is great for creating relevant content that connects. Thanks!

  • Penny says:

    Thanks for breaking down how to use Jaaxy so thoroughly. I’ve learned a little about SEO but honestly didn’t remember what each category was for. I can see how important it is now to understand all of the columns. The brainstorm feature sounds really interesting too, I’ll check it out!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      I love doing write ups on tools like this that I use regularly because in doing so I end up finding little extras that I didn’t utilize enough. Brainstorm is one of them. We are all guilty of locking in on our routines, and for me, I’m loving that the brainstorm feature finds trending topics. It’s a great way to stay current and connect. Thanks you Penny!

  • jamin wong says:

    A good informative article. It is good for people like me, the newbie struggle is real for organic traffic to our website.

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