How To Sell My Photos Online - 5 Best Sites For Photographers To Get Your Photos Seen and Sold

How To Sell My Photos Online – 5 Best Sites For Photographers To Get Your Photos Seen and Sold

how to sell my photos onlineI love photography almost as much as I love traveling, and the two go hand in hand perfectly. One dilemma I’ve always had though: how to sell my photos online.

Most photographers, both professional and amateur would agree, finding a trustworthy site to consistently sell your photos for decent revenue takes research. And while many of us may overvalue our photos just slightly, we don’t want to take pennies on the dollar for our captured moments.

Did you know there are a handful of sites where you can consistently sell your photos online for a decent commission and not be asked to be exclusive to that site? This means that if you do your research right, you can create revenue from multiple sites at once where you simply upload your photo, and they do all the rest.

In this article I’m going to share with you my top 5 picks for best sites to sell your photos online and exactly how you can combine some of them together to maximize your revenue potential.

How To Sell My Photos Online – 5 Best Sites For Photographers

How To Sell My Photos Online

One of the best seaside boardwalks I’ve had the opportunity to experience in Thessaloniki, Greece, December 2017.

How To Sell My Photos Online

The picture says it all. Over 90 million images. They also give one of the highest commissions to photographers at 50% of each photo sold.

Consequently, as a photography lover myself, I read this and immediately signed up.

Alamy determines the price of your photo once uploaded and is also non-exclusive. This means you can sell your photos elsewhere as well.

How To Sell My Photos Online

Shutterstock is another very popular site for selling stock photos. As a result, they are in over 150 countries globally. Earnings range from $0.25 to $120.00, depending on the customer’s license.

Shutterstock doesn’t have the high commissions per sale that Alamy does, but since they are also non-exclusive, why not sell on both platforms? I do.

How To Sell My Photos Online

Commissions for photos sold on iStock Photo range from 15% to 45%. iStock is also very popular because of the thriving community forums available to you upon joining.

iStock offers both exclusive and non-exclusive partnerships, with exclusive partnership royalties ranging from 22%-45%.

How To Sell My Photos Online

Fine Art America is an absolute favorite of mine. They offer a variety of ways for the customer to enjoy your fine art photos. From framed prints, to stretched canvases, to metal prints, to posters, to digital downloads, to iPhone cases and more, Fine Art America has got you covered.

Further, they take care of all the framing, shipping, and selling details. All you have to do is determine your price and collect your commissions.

You determine your markup on top of their base price. For example, if their base price for a 24″ x 36″ canvas print is $50 and you set your markup at $25, then the buyer pays $75 for the canvas print, and you earn $25.

How To Sell My Photos Online

If you would rather sell your photos through your own site, this is the site for you. PhotoShelter is an e-commerce platform that integrates into almost any website or blog.

The platform includes cloud storage for your photos, some decent SEO (search engine optimization), and integrations for sharing over your favorite social media networks.

Along with Fine Art America, this is a favorite because you as the photographer keep full control over how your photos are displayed. It’s your vision, your brand, and you don’t have any competitors photos displayed alongside your own.

To get the most out of this option, it’d be smart to know how to get some decent traffic to your site.

If you’re serious about building a site that gets serious traffic then you need to take a look at my #1 recommendation for creating a consistent monthly revenue stream online. From building websites to generating real traffic, you can get started free and they deliver when it comes to turning the internet into a resource for consistent revenue. Get your photos the professional website and traffic they deserve.


There you have it. And now that you know where to get your photos seen and sold, get out and start taking pictures! Do you travel like I do? Check out my pick for best compact digital camera for travel. It might surprise you.

What photo sharing and selling sites do you use? Are you a success story using one of the ones I listed above? Got a horror story after using one? Share your story or ask any question in the comments below.

When you create revenue from your passion, you’re truly living life, and that’s the aim of

Do you agree with my picks? Want to build a business around your photography? Take a look at my #1 recommendation. Want to tell me a joke or tell me how cute my dog Shiner is. (That’s him in the top pic). I’d love to hear your story.


  • Karin says:

    Thanks for the information! I’ve submitted photos to most of the sites you mentioned, but I haven’t had any sold yet. I haven’t had much luck with Alamy. They seem to be very picky. I’ve only had a couple of photos approved. I haven’t heard of Photoshelter, but I will try that next.

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Thanks for the insight. I’ve actually been so busy building this site at that I haven’t had the chance to upload several new photos from my catalogue to Alamy as of yet. I had used it in the past but heard that they recently became a bit more picky and I’ve been looking to see for myself how this affected the process. Thanks for the comment!

  • Melani says:

    Great info. I will share it to my photographer friends. Thank you very much.

  • Paula says:

    Hi Eric and thank you! I loved the little blurb about writing a paragraph in third person about yourself. Too funny. Anyway, I was just suggesting to my daughter about selling photography online. I wasn’t sure how, but you gave me the info needed for her. I truly enjoyed the article. :o)

  • Krista says:

    Love this article Eric!
    My sister is an Artist and just getting started with Photography these are great places to show her work I will let her know!
    Thanks =)

  • sandra says:

    Thanks for collecting this info and putting it out there! I have thought about selling photos online but never got around to researching it. Thanks for making it easier!

  • Tabitha says:

    I really enjoyed your article. I am going to have to share with an artist friend my mine. Thank you for the awesome links, much appreciated!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to share the post, that’s why I wrote it 🙂 There are so many photographers out there who I feel could benefit from using these sites.

  • David says:


    I enjoy taking pictures while traveling, but inn ever thought about selling these photos online before. Thanks for the ideas! I think I’ll check the sites listed above.


  • Madison says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know that such platforms exist before reading your article. I really like your article because not only you listed all the available sites, you also did short and concise summary of their pros and cons. Very helpful article!

  • Nico Rocha says:

    First off, It’s great to know how nice and detailed the site is that are accompanied with supporting images that is directly in line with what you want to say. Your website is clean and easy to navigate all throughout. I don’t mind signing up for the 5 best sites you recommended because I need new phots on my content lol

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Hey thanks man. I appreciate the feedback. You should most definitely grab your photos from these great sites. Remember though, while it’s free to upload to these sites as the photographer it will more than likely cost you if you want to use these photos in your blog or website, so it could get pricey. For free, royalty free pics I use pixabay.

  • Vanessa says:

    This is gold: “But if you’re doing something you love, why not turn it into revenue?”. I also have my blog and I’m monetizing it. If there is value in it, then why not?

    I like the quality of images on Shutterstock but purchasing them it out of my price range at the moment. I was hoping that with these high prices that at least they are giving high commissions to photographers so that’s a downer. I would rather buy images on a platform where the photographer earns a high commission to keep on supporting them.

    • Eric Cantu says:

      That’s a cool take on the subject. I always see it from the photographer’s point of view since I myself love photography and look to make revenue from it, but you as the buyer have a great point. If you’re going to be buying them why not reward the photographer who actually did the work. Nicely put.

  • Dino says:

    This is a great post! I will start to learn taking great photos soon from a great photographer. So this post really a great info for me. Thanks!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Glad to be of help, Dino. When photography is your passion there is no reason why you can’t make money from it with all the tools available. Go out and take some great pics!

  • Brianna says:

    This is exactly the kind of article I was looking for! I always loved taking pictures and traveling and through my adventures I’ve captured some pretty good shots. I knew there was a way I could sell them online but I didn’t really know the best way. I have heard of shutterstock before but not alamy so thank you for introducing me to that! I think selling my photos is definitely something I’m going to look into more.

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