3 Easy Steps: How to Build Your Own Website Free On Wealthy Affiliate

3 Easy Steps: How to Build Your Own Website Free On Wealthy Affiliate

how to build your own website freeSo you’ve decided to build a business around your passion! You’ve taken the first step and chosen what you feel is a profitable niche for your online business. Now you need to know how to build your website free!

I think you’d agree, that when most people think of a “free” website, they imagine a bare bones site that would struggle to get any real traffic. But what if I told you how to build your own website free on a platform that also trains you how to build that traffic organically?

In this article I’m going to show you how to build your own website free in 3 easy steps using Wealthy Affiliate. Building a successful website is the first step to having a successful online business. And with that comes making money online from home, or from anywhere in the world. But let’s not skip ahead.

Let’s build your website.

How to Build Your Own Website Free

Has this ever been a road block for you? Not feeling “tech savvy” enough to build a professional website? You’re not alone. So many people dread taking that first step.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to dread that first step any longer. In my opinion, the best one-stop-shop for building websites out there is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can create a starter account free.

Personally, I use it as my website building platform because it takes all the headache out of building a site that brings real traffic.

Follow the video link below and see how you’ll be building your own website free at Wealthy Affiliate in 3 easy steps.

How to Build Your Own Website Free

Watch the video on building your website

Where you build your site matters

When you have the right tools available to you, it becomes that much easier to build the best website possible around your passion. It’s the absolute first step towards transforming the internet into an actual tool for building revenue.

Building your website at Wealthy Affiliate is much more than just coming up with its name. As a free member you can build two complete websites (there’s a premium option that lets you build up to 50!). Running multiple successful sites can be a daunting task. But even if you only have one, the Site Rubix website builder at Wealthy Affiliate keeps you on top of the most important details.

How to Build Your Own Website Free

Site Manager monitors your site’s overall health and lets you know where you can improve. Whether it be post frequency or responding to comments, Site Manager at Wealth Affiliate helps you make sure your site is running at its best.

Other tools such as Site Feedback, Site Comments and Site Support are available to premium members and allow you to get new eyes on your website.

Would you like feedback on your content? Maybe you want feedback on the site’s design? Every article writer needs real people to read their content and come back with questions for them. Site Comments and Site Feedback do just that and take full advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

No automated comments or bots to fake your way to the top. These is real feedback from real people. Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered.

Site Support helps you to get out of any jams. Maybe you’ve uploaded a plugin that is making your site slow. Or maybe you’re having trouble logging in. Create a support ticket and the support team gets your site back on track.

How to build your own website free in 3 steps

Now we’re at the fun part. You’re building your website around whatever niche you like. Wealthy Affiliate sets you up for success here. Getting your site up and running couldn’t be easier.

How to Build Your Own Website Free

What kind of site do you want to build? Pick between a free website or create one on a domain you own. Free members can create up to 2 free websites. Premium members can create up to 25 free websites on a Siterubix.com domain and up to 25 on domains they own for a total of 50.

Name your website. You’ll want to pick something that goes with your niche. My niche is creating an online business I can take with me as I travel, so I picked WorkFromYourLaptop.com. You get the idea, right? Just don’t spend days trying to pick the perfect name. Pick one you like and then move to the next step.

Choose a look for your website. Wealthy Affiliate builds their sites using WordPress themes. WordPress is the most widely used platform across the internet. You can pick from literally thousands of theme choices to fit what you like. Here too, don’t try to sift through all of them to find the perfect one. Pick one you like and move on. You can always change this later.

And just like that you’re done!

  • You chose a domain.
  • You chose a website name.
  • And you chose a theme.

Wealthy Affiliate trains you to succeed

Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate goes way past just building websites. You got a sneak peek in the video above of the great training and tutorials available. Every single course lesson has video training just like the one you watched above to train you to build your site right and get real traffic. Further, WA teaches you how to turn that traffic into regular cash flow.

How to Build Your Own Website Free

In conclusion, your website is truly the foundation for any online business you create. For this reason, it makes sense to take the time to build it right.

Where you build your site matters. Having access to training laid out by experts in a clear, organized way gives you a leg up on the competition. Also, you won’t have to spend money trying to get “automated” traffic.

Read my detailed review of everything Wealthy Affiliate offers, then sign up free and start building.

And now that you’ve chosen your profitable niche and built your website, it’s time to start building traffic. What if there was a tool that let you know exactly what your target audience was searching for so you could build relevant content for them?

There is.

Follow me to the next article on the best keyword research tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you’ll ever need.


Have a few questions for me? Leave them in the comments below. Share what your passion is and what your ideas for your business might be. I always respond and would love to hear your story.

We all need a community to help us brainstorm sometimes. As always, if you know anyone who could benefit from this article, SHARE IT!

Now follow me and let’s get introduced to Jaaxy: the best keyword research tool online.


  • Owain says:

    Great advice here. But how long will this take to achieve?

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Building your website takes all of 30 seconds. Having a successful website that generates revenue takes patience and continual content creation.

      It takes time to gain Google’s trust, but if you’re building your site right from its inception, all the baby steps you take early will lead you to your goal.

      Just like you can’t rent out a house for profit after just having poured the foundation, you also can’t expect to have massive traffic after just launching your site.

      But the foundation is key, and building your site on the right platform and creating content that creates a great user experience will ultimately get you those returns you want.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Neil Brooks says:

    Eric, as usual, great work from you.

    You make this stuff so easy to read and follow, I love the graphics in the post which really help me to visualise the wealthy affiliate experience.

    Thank you again for such a great and informative review.


  • Bill says:

    This is a great article about how to build a sight. I love that you have a video. I learned how hard it can be to do all this on your own.

  • Hi, Eric! You are so right! There is nothing better than to work from home and enjoy it! Wealthy Affiliate is a great community and the help you get is awesome! I am part of this wonderful community and I really enjoy it! 🙂
    Best wishes,

  • Damian says:

    Nice work Eric!

    This is a very well thought out article and highlights a topic that is becoming more and more popular amongst people searching for a better life outside the ordinary rat race we are taught to follow.

    I like how much you showed the tools Wealthy Affiliate offers. I’m going to have to check this out.

    I have my own website but don’t have this kind of platform to build it with. Thank you for this.

    Great Website Eric and Great Recommendation in this article. I’m certain many people will find this helpful and be able to change their working environments for the better using this information you provided

    Well done on Sharing Eric


    • Eric Cantu says:

      Damian I’m glad I could help. Thank you very much for taking the time for that well thought out comment. I appreciate it. I think you’ll really enjoy Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again!

  • Hey Eric,

    Great article buddy. I have personally used Wealthy Affiliate to build a successful online business and I would definitely recommend this platform.

    The fact that it’s free and gives you access to a wide range of tools is just awesome. I would not be where I am today with Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of internet marketing or creating a website. They teach everything.

  • Sudhi says:

    Hi Eric Cantu,
    Building a website this much easier? This post is very informative and you showed that with evidence of video.Thank you for this useful post.

  • Doug Arthur says:

    Great post. I’m really glad you included the video. I would much rather watch than read.

  • Hey Eric,

    Being able to build a website is suchhh a good skill to have and know. I’ve also used wealthy affiliate to build my first couple of sites and would 100% recommend anyone else that reads this to check it out!

  • Miguel Rocha says:

    It’s a dream for me to be able to work at home and be able to have an income that exceeds my day job. Thanks for your review on Wealthy Affiliate, people will now have a chance to earn money online by doing the things they love. Nice post!

  • Keith says:

    Nice clean and easy to understand article Eric.
    I like that you added the video on how to build the website on your page.
    It is self explanatory and was easy on the eyes since I didn’t have to read each step.

    Best wishes Keith

  • Udoh says:

    There is nothing more wonderful than working for yourself!

    Now you got me thinking about taking a vacation!

  • Eric,
    I’ve got an office like that on my vision board! Dream it and believe it!

  • Helder says:

    Nice post Eric. I think we’re all in that same boat. Nothing like the thought of working from a beach on a laptop right? I personally used Wealthy Affiliate myself – it’s a great site that I also love. They make it really easy for you to get up and running!

  • Vini Cortez says:

    Make “home” your tropical retreat. lol
    That line is perfect. Now you’ve got me dreaming of travel and still making money. Ha!

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