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How To Be An Entrepreneur Online, What Should Your Mindset Be?

How To Be An Entrepreneur OnlineThe key on how to be an entrepreneur online goes way past making money. You must continually think of the lifestyle you want and the mindset you need to maintain. Most would agree that this isn’t something most people are just born with. This is a mindset that must be practiced.

In the world of online business, being successful means calling the shots and being fully in charge. It means being a “boss”, having full control of the inner workings of your business, and having the right knowledge base and training that then translates to my personal favorite: making money from anywhere.

Sound difficult? Well it’s more straightforward than you think.

The difference between success and failure for so many is that most give up just before they succeed. Understanding how to be an entrepreneur online means using the internet as a money making resource and having a good mix of patience and perserverance to accomplish this.

In this article I’m going to show you how to be an entrepreneur online and how to develop that mindset. When you have the right training and mentorship, running a successful online business can be your reality.

How To Be an Entrepreneur Online

How To Be An Entrepreneur Online

This is what successful online entrepreneurs call “an office”.

In today’s technological age there is a growing segment of the population wanting to break away from the pack. Now, people want to be their own boss.

Maybe you’ve researched some get rich quick schemes that were a little too good to be true. Or maybe you were this close to jumping in on what you thought might be a great online opportunity.

But then you found out what they promise and what you actually get were two different things.

Don’t beat yourself up for almost falling for a shiny, new online “opportunity”. It happens to everyone. Have you heard of Global Affiliate Zone? I was a click away from falling for their hype.

how to be an entrepreneur online

So we’ve established that I’m no different than you. I’ve searched the internet far and wide. I’ve sifted through all the scams trying to find out how to be an entrepreneur online without taking shortcuts.

Being the boss not only means working past your failures. It also means not giving up when the going gets tough. Further, it means getting yourself in front of the right training and people who can guide you to following in their footsteps.

Where To Get Business Advice

how to be an entrepreneur online

There’s a saying that “no prisoner wants to see another one escape”. So why do we take advice from those who aren’t living the life we want?

Too often we have opportunities in front of us but won’t pull the trigger because those around us convince us not to try.

  • “That will never work.”
  • “It’s too hard to be successful with an online business.”
  • “You need to find a normal job and normal career like everyone else.”

Challenging Status Quo Examples

Who came up with the idea that working for someone else for 40 years and then retiring at 40% less than what we were making is a good idea?

And more importantly, how we can hope to survive on this for the remainder of our life?

Do you truly believe that what you are currently making is what you are worth? Why can’t we learn how to retire young and retire rich?

How many times have you come across a story of a person online doing exactly what you’d love to do? They’re traveling the world through photography, or writing novels, or even being a foodie who gets paid to review high end restaurants?

Do you think they’re better than you? Were they born with more talent than you? Of course not.

They simply challenged the status quo.

how to be an entrepreneur online

They pushed forward when others told them no. When a door shut in front of them as others told them they’d reached their limit, they kicked it open. They created a new ceiling for their goals with a newfound drive.

To reach your goals, sometimes all you need is the right vehicle to get you there. If you have the mindset of a successful entrepreneur looking to get to that next level, and you’d like to take that first step towards firing your boss and working for yourself, I highly recommend checking out my number 1 way to create a consistent monthly revenue stream online. It is hands down the best option I’ve found online.

You can try it free, and it delivers.

How to Make Money Through Affiliate Programs

Did you know there are travel bloggers who travel around the world getting paid to review the places they stay at and the airlines they use to get there? They do it through affiliate marketing.

How many times have you done some research on something you were looking to buy? You probably read a review online and were guided to a link that delivered you to the product’s website. You make the purchase, and guess what, the affiliate who’s link you followed just got paid.

This is an example of using a tool like the internet to work for you instead of the other way around. These people have created their own online business which is the first step toward working for themself.

Further, what if there was a tool that told you exactly what your target audience was searching for? There is. Read “What is the Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO You’ll Find Online? Your Golden Ticket Is Here! and think about the power of an online business that knows exactly what its target audience was after.

You’ll start seeing the dollar signs like I did.

How to Surround Yourself with Successful People

You are who you surround yourself with.

Think of your five closest friends. Are they running their own businesses, or do they live check to check?

Do they vacation whenever they want to, or are they drowning in late charges?

how to be an entrepreneur online

Now think about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with manageable debt or even living check to check, but doesn’t it take options off the table?

Think of the most successful person you know. Now think about who they surround themself with.

You have to make an effort to immerse yourself into a community of like minded, successful people looking for the same thing you are.

Get feedback from people who understand the goals you want to achieve and who have accomplished them already for themself.

How to be an entrepreneur online

Creating a successful online business doesn’t just happen by itself. Like everything else in life you need training put together by people who have already made the mistakes you don’t want to make and who have already had the successes you dream of.

There are 4 straightforward steps that have to be taken:

  1. Choose your niche market.
  2. Build your website on the right platform.
  3. Know what your target audience is looking for to build traffic and take the critical steps necessary to keep that traffic.
  4. Turn that traffic into revenue. This is done in any number of ways from goods and services you offer, to promoting the goods and services of any of the thousands of merchants online.

If done right, you can watch your website grow from its infancy to holding steady on the front page of google searches.

There are 3.5 billion people globally who have internet access. Use your passion to find your niche.

Having the attention of your own unique target audience to share your viewpoint and passion with can be the direct path to becoming “the boss”.

My top recommended training platform for creating an online business tackles those 4 steps above directly, and you can start free of charge. Understanding how to capitalize on the internet can be your reality.

So what do you have to lose? Immerse yourself in a community of successful people who share your goals. Challenge the status quo. It’s the best first step you can take.


Tell me your story in the comments below. What’s your dream? Share your passion. Tell me if this post inspired you. Stop being too timid to take that next step. Take action now and watch your personal growth grow into success! Turn your passion into revenue!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. is built to pass on real training to real people who want to build a real business around their passion. Ask away and I’ll be happy to respond.


  • Keith Miller says:

    Absolutely Awesome!!!!!! When I grow up in WA…. I want to be just like you! I am convinced, and I feel like I have found the answers to the questions I had been seeking. I, just as you spent money and searched everywhere for a beneficial online resource that would not take my money and have me searching for more information. This is exactly the engine I need! Thank you so much!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      It’s definitely the golden ticket as far as I’m concerned. If you have the motivation, all you need is the right training, and you have the blueprint for success. Thanks Keith!

  • James Kelly says:

    A great article Eric and I can relate to the message you are conveying to your readers. At the age of 57 I was made redundant from a company that I had held a senior position with for almost 20 years and I looked to the Internet to supplement my savings. Up till last year I had almost given up all hope of being able to earn an online income as I got burned from one scam after the other. With the benefit of hindsight it is now obvious that I hadn’t properly researched the online businesses that I had signed up with. Fortunately last year I also discovered after a lot of research the Wealthy Affiliate Program and I haven’t looked back!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, James! The best thing about all our missteps and failures is that when we finally succeed and find where we need to be, we absolutely appreciate every moment of it. I feel the exact same way. Thanks for the comment, James!

  • Garen says:

    So many people try to make a living online, but sadly there are a lot of scams out there. I have seen it all in my 9+ years of doing internet marketing. But, the truth be told there is money in every niche. You just have to find something that isn’t oversaturated. Then, write lots of content and get comments on your site.

    However, I was wondering what some mistakes you have made over the years are? Personally, I have made the mistake of using drop shipping. I sold about 6,000 worth of cameras. However, I later found out that the company I was doing business with wasn’t really legit, though.

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Thankfully i found the Wealthy Affiliate platform early on (and by total accident) in my entrepreneurial online career and I’ve been able to avoid some of the pitfalls other more experienced people have made through trial and error.

      $6000 only to find the merchant was shady, huh. Ouch. But like with everything else, learning from mistakes are the key to not making them again. You’re doing pretty well if you’ve been at it for 9+ years so congratulation on that accomplishment.

      I really appreciate the comment, Garen, and if you’re interested, read the Wealthy Affiliate review i wrote. I think it could benefit someone with your experience.

      Thanks again!

  • Luis says:

    This articles was precise in every point made. I agree with every word you said from surrounding yourself with great people to affiliate marketing. Thanks for the amazing content

  • Carmen says:

    Love the part about surrounding yourself with other like-minded individuals. I agree with your statement that you are who you surround yourself with. Great information and very motivating. Helped remind me that I am on the right track. Thank you

  • Briana says:

    Thanks for sharing your perspective! Who you surround yourself will absolutely have an impact on your outlook, attitude, and success. Great post!

  • Katey says:

    I agree with everything you said. Living life tied to a desk job is truly not our destiny in this world. we must live life in our own terms, be our own bosses and have the time to be with the people we love. Great post! keep it up!

  • Greg says:

    Eric, well said, and you are absolutely correct in your statements about surrounding ourselves with the right people. Much success my friend!

  • Owain says:

    Thanks for sharing Eric. You hit the point with the opening paragraph. You got to be in the right mindset. Sure you can say that you are going to make money but unless you think like the buyer then you won’t make any money at all. Also you need to set yourself goals, otherwise you will just stall with your site and probably give up.

  • Mar says:

    Wow! thank you for this!

    It might sound strange: but for such a reality-check article, this felt uplifting!

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