Wealthy Affiliate Review

A Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2017: What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate?

what is the truth about wealthy affiliate

UPDATE 4/30/17: By request I have created a new and updated Wealthy Affiliate review that focuses much more on the training and community aspects featured in WA along with several other details not covered here. Please check out the updated review here.

What is the truth about Wealthy Affiliate?  If you’re starting to hear the buzz around affiliate marketing throughout the internet and social media, you’re not alone. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform aimed at entrepreneurial minded people looking to build a successful online business for themselves so they can have the freedom to be in business for themselves.

Most would agree that being your own boss sometimes seems more like a dream than a reality. So many are used to working 40+ years for someone else, only to retire and take a 40% pay cut. To me that’s a raw deal.

Affiliate marketing is a $5 BILLION/year industry and more straightforward than you think. Don’t believe the hype machines out there promising to do all the work for you while they upsell you into an empty wallet.

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, I’m going to review all the training they make available to you so you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s the right choice for you. What is the truth about Wealthy Affiliate? This WorkFromYourLaptop.com review of Wealthy Affiliate is about to show you in detail.

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?


You can join Wealthy Affiliate free of charge without having to enter any credit card information.
No joke.

It’s not one of those free “trials” that expires after a set period of time. Further, you can remain as a free member indefinitely.

There’s also a premium membership you can choose to upgrade to at any time. It’s packed with upgraded resources, features, training, and support. Premium membership is available at $49/month.

Additionally, a yearly membership is available with all the resources and training that premium members have. It gives you a further discount at $349/yr ~ $29/month.

Join Free Membership Here
Join Premium Membership Here

What is the truth about Wealthy Affiliate?


What’s your passion in life?

what is the truth about wealthy affiliate

Are you a photographer? Are you a writer? Do you love health and fitness? Are you an artist? Or maybe you’re a blue collar handyman. Perhaps you’re a business owner. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom or dad looking to earn income without leaving your little ones.

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed being any one of these and you’re now retired looking to create a new revenue stream online.

No matter what niche your passion falls into, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a successful online business around that passion from the ground up.

Wealthy Affiliate guides you by the hand through the 4 basic but critical steps of online business:

  1. Choose a profitable niche (you get lots of great insight to help you pick the perfect one for you).
  2. Build a professional website for the best user experience and optimized for high rankings in search engines (you’ll have one up and running in minutes).
  3. Know how to use the right tools to understand exactly what your target audience is looking for so you can build consistent traffic to your site.
  4. Deliver on what your audience is looking for to turn that traffic into conversions and $$$.

You don’t need to have products or services of your own to sell to be successful in online business.

Many reading this review may feel they can’t have a business without having their own products to push. Not true.

Wealthy Affiliate gives an incredible amount of training on affiliate marketing as well.

Affiliate marketing is the trillion dollar a year industry promoting products from trusted brands like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc. that can pay considerable commissions for simply connecting a target audience with the products they love.

In addition to affiliate marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate gives you the training you need on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that gets your site to the front pages of Google searches consistently.

You’ll enjoy live training webinars, live chat, and an extremely helpful community to push you every step of the way.

This spoke to me immediately.

Everything we read nowadays points to creating your own online business as the smartest way to build a lasting income. This is true both if you’re looking to work from home or abroad.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for in depth training to help you create a consistent monthly revenue around your passion and supplement your income online, then Wealthy Affiliate may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Who are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate?

Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim

what is the truth about Wealthy AffiliateIn this Wealthy Affiliate review I want to make sure I touch on the heart behind Wealthy Affiliate. The founders.

Kyle Loudoun began marketing in college where he took computer science focusing on programming. He met Carson Lim and they soon began their business partnership.

Since Wealthy Affiliate’s inception in September of 2005, his focus is creating a system that brings widespread success through training. He is very hands on and you can find him in the live chat helping members with questions on a regular basis. Further, he responds to direct messages within 24 hours.

Carson Lim is the son of two teachers and also has a background in computer science and technology. Wanting to teach other how to succeed in online business, he partnered with Kyle.

Together they have a combined 26 years of experience, starting independently and then partnering in 2005.

Carson is also available to the community, responding to direct messages as well.


How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

I want this Wealthy Affiliate review to not only show you what it is, but how it works.

From the onset of joining, it’s easy to see Wealthy Affiliate’s organization. It’s instructional platform tailors to those who can follow step by step training with video tutorials.

Most noteworthy is the magnitude of robust training:

  • in depth training on SEO so even a newbie can fully understand it
  • the ins and outs of affiliate marketing
  • the ins and outs of social media marketing
  • breaking down and understanding Google analytics
  • utilizing the right keywords to build traffic
  • creating consistent quality content
  • understanding the aesthetics of a quality website
  • creating the right framework for your site so you can grow and scale it for success…

I couldn’t believe just how much training was available.

Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliate is built in an organized way so as not to overwhelm you.

You are instantly welcomed, and I felt very much a part of the very interactive community.

Follow the step by step course lessons and you’ll go from zero to hero quickly. Before you know it you have a fully functioning WordPress website which is the most widely used web platform across the internet.

Along with your site you’ll have a clear direction of how to grow with it!

And with this comes the awesome potential for consistent monthly revenue.

what is the truth about wealthy affiliate

The Meat of any Wealthy Affiliate Review: the Pros and Cons

Review of the Pros:

Here is a list of my favorite aspects of Wealthy Affiliate (and there are many):

    • Extensive, thorough training courses
    • Step by Step tutorials on website creation and content creation
    • Online classrooms and task based lessons
    • Interactive and very helpful community
    • Seemingly endless community forums for questions and answers
    • Completely accessible, responsive owners
    • Feedback and constructive criticism always available
    • Thorough website training from understanding keywords and competition research to advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that gets your site major traffic
    • WordPress Express 3-click website builder
    • Over 2,500 website templates and themes
    • Thorough training on how to earn consistent revenue through affiliate programs
    • Live chat 24/7
    • Multiple websites (2 if you choose the free program, 50 included with Premium)
    • Fast and Secure, Unlimited Hosting
    • Very lucrative affiliate program with “bootcamp” training on how to earn full time income with it. Further, WA has one of the highest average affiliate commissions at $100 per customer retained.
    • RESULTS: To me this is the big one. Follow the courses available and find your website on the front page of Google searches
    • Real traffic = real revenue, and last but definitely not least

… you can try Wealthy Affiliate FREE!

[mic drop]

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free!

Click the Button Above and Get Started!

If you’ve read any other review for most online opportunities, most of them involve that ugly word: recruiting.

They don’t give you the choice to choose your own niche!

Thankfully Wealthy Affiliate isn’t that kind of opportunity.

Conversely, Wealthy Affiliate pushes you to find your own passion and helps you find your niche.

Next, WA shows you that building a site that will earn consistent income around it can be your reality.

Each course lesson has its own tutorial made by the founder.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a very visual person myself. I love visuals in a review and I love them in a training platform.

Wealthy Affiliate delivers here.

I absolutely love how Wealthy Affiliate guides you with screenshots and easy to follow instructions throughout each lesson.

From choosing your niche to content creation, the tutorials within Wealthy Affiliate’s course lessons literally show you where to click on your own dashboard and what to do to finish each task at hand.

There’s also training by other Wealthy Affiliate senior members that’s available to you.

I especially like the immediate responsiveness of the community when you’re looking for feedback or have a question.

Here’s a technical question I had when I was customizing the look of my theme:

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

In this Wealthy Affiliate review I want to emphasize just how helping the Wealthy Affiliate community really is.

From answering questions over live chat to brainstorming in feedback forums, you feel like you are a part of a team with Wealthy Affiliate.

By following the steps and organization and being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, you can walk in with no knowledge and come out on the other end fully trained.

Your bare bones idea for an online business transforms into a great looking and highly functioning website. As a result, you have real traffic.

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

In the online business world, real traffic equals real revenue.

If you take one thing away from this Wealthy Affiliate review, let it be what you read in the following section:

Through its progressive training courses, Wealthy Affiliate trains you to drive real traffic to your site, build a real audience, and turn that traffic into real revenue.

No matter how much I promoted blogs or websites in the past I was never on Google’s front page. And believe me I tried hard.

Now with Wealthy Affiliate’s training, articles I write are consistently there, getting real traffic from real people doing real searches.

Have you noticed in this Wealthy Affiliate review that there aren’t any mentions of “automated bots” or “schemes” that promise to do everything for you?

That’s because Wealthy Affiliate trains you to build real traffic organically. This is traffic with lasting power!

I don’t want to start filling your head with dollars signs, but think about any services you offer or promote. Now think about those reaching any of the 3.5 billion people globally who have internet access.

what is the truth about wealthy affiliate

  • Maybe you’re a fine art or travel photographer looking to share and sell your work?
  • Or is your passion getting the benefits of a plant based diet out to those struggling with their own health, weight, and fatigue issues?
  • Maybe you’re a blogger looking to grow your audience?
  • Or are you a life coach trying to connect with those who are looking to help better themselves so they can shatter their own glass ceiling and catapult themselves to success?

The possibilities are endless no matter how specific your niche is.

The training you get on affiliate marketing and SEO alone makes this well worth it.

Affiliate marketing is a trillion dollar a year industry and yet it’s still relatively unknown by everyday people. In addition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is truly the lifeblood of getting real traffic to your website.

Are you picking up what this Wealthy Affiliate review is laying down?  Wealthy Affiliate trains you to succeed and gets you to the masses and turns real traffic into real revenue.

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

Review of the Cons:

There is only one negative I can think to give in this Wealthy Affiliate review: there is almost too much information available.

A review saying there’s too much training?

As you would expect, building an online business is a very dynamic topic with lots of moving parts.

As a result, some may feel almost overwhelmed with all the training available.

Take a deep breath and don’t be overwhelmed.

I’ve searched deep to find areas where the platform didn’t step up for this Wealthy Affiliate review.

You can rest assured that Kyle and Carson have built a very well organized platform that sets you up for success.

If you find yourself diving into your lesson, then maybe during a live chat another member shares a great tip he’s using, so you jump off track to check out that lesson, then jump over to even another lesson, snap out of it!

The creators of Wealthy Affiliate have built this training with care. Therefore, get your website a strong foundation first, and then feel free to go nuts once you’re a little more seasoned.

Don’t lose out on the organization which could result in a website that no longer flows and seems spitballed together haphazardly.

Trust the system!

I’ve Signed Up for Wealthy Affiliate. Now What?

Step away from this review in your mind and imagine it’s your first day with Wealthy Affiliate? What’s your day to day going to look like?

First of all, upon enrolling you have a video tutorial that welcomes you. It explains in detail everything available to you.

I really liked this.

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

In a nutshell, your first task with Wealthy Affiliate involves starting the simple “Get Started” Entrepreneur Certification course. This guides you to finding your niche, creating your site, and helping you find your site’s theme and direction.

Because of this, you feel right away like you’re getting off to the right start. I felt this way instantly.

If you have an already existing site and you’re looking to use this training to take it to the next level, you can even import it with its domain so it’s hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.

All your followers, comments, and content will move over seamlessly.

Whether you have a site already or are starting from scratch, you’ll enjoy fast, responsive, and unlimited hosting. Also, you’ll enjoy full customization through literally thousands of theme choices.

The course lessons will guide you by the hand every step of the way as you build your site.

Additionally, one aspect I really want to touch on in this Wealthy Affiliate review is that you’re even helped with creating quality content regularly.

Content is king when it comes to getting to the front of Google searches.

As a result, the Wealthy Affiliate platform thrives. WA leads you by the hand through content creation with great ideas for articles so you never run out.

Use the great tools available to build quality content around what your target audience is looking for. Your site starts to find itself high on Google’s rankings and growing with traffic. You turn that traffic in to conversions and $$$.

This is YOUR successful online business.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free!

Click the Button Above and Get Started!

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

Are the gears turning in your entrepreneurial mind yet?

I hope this Wealthy Affiliate review has got you thinking.

Because of the seemingly limitless training available, you can easily go from newbie to expert in a very short time.

And with that, revenue is ready to be made.

You don’t have to have your own product line to make money with an online business. Wealthy Affiliate covers many diverse, tried and true options for creating a consistent monthly revenue that lasts.

You’ll be trained on understanding not only affiliate programs, but monetizing, pay per click campaigns, and much more.

There’s also a “Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp” if you are undecided on what your niche is. Trust me, it’s great.

Here you’ll follow a step by step course on creating your business around Wealthy Affiliate’s very lucrative affiliate program.

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

 Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?

Wealthy Affiliate - Totally worth it!

I think you know what my answer’s going to be here.

This Wealthy Affiliate review for 2017 confirms without a doubt: Wealthy Affiliate is legit and delivers!

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

I’m not alone with my review and high praise of Wealthy Affiliate. The best reviews come from those who take the plunge and try it for themself like you’re about to.

Check out these happy customers:

What Is the Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

My Personal BONUS offer

Finding a path to turn my passion into revenue is why I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Now, helping others find theirs is my mission. So because of that I want to offer a personal bonus to anyone deciding to join Wealthy Affiliate:

  • If you join and create your free account through any of my links on this page and then go premium within 7 days, you’ll receive a 61% discount off your first month and get your first month of premium membership for just $19.

You’ll also have access to me directly through Private Messaging and I’ll be able to help you with any question and offer my help anytime you need it.

This is my way of giving back to those who are ready to take action right away. Remember, you never have to go premium with Wealthy Affiliate, but if you see all that’s available to you and choose to go premium in your first 7 days, this will help you hit the ground running!

Finally, my question to you now is, are you ready to hit the ground running?

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free!

Click the Button Above and Get Started!

Give Me Your Feedback

Tell me what you think of this Wealthy Affiliate review in the comments section below.

First, are you enrolled in the program? What are you favorite aspects? Additionally, are you a Wealthy Affiliate success story? What’s your review of Wealthy Affiliate? What niche do you want to target for your own online business?

Don’t hesitate to share!

WorkFromYourLaptop.com aims at giving a wide and thorough array of options for those looking to step out of the box and become a boss earning full time revenue online.

I give my honest reviews on a wide variety of opportunities out there, many from a very personal experience. I’m also very accessible and always reply to comments and emails.

Finally, whatever your passion is, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be successful doing it. I hope this Wealthy Affiliate review has inspired you to take action.


  • Asen says:

    Hey Eric, I had been looking into Global Affiliate Zone and AWOL. Have you seen or heard of those? I heard you end up spending a fortune before you get to the “real” training. I don’t wanna get burned so a friend from Facebook recommended your review.I’m in! The free try won me over. I’ll be contacting you inside WA! Thanks man! Great review!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      I’m really glad I could help asen! And yes I’m familiar with both of those businesses and unfortunately you’re right about them. I did a review on GAZ you can look at here. Sound familiar? Glad your friend steered you here. I’ll be looking forward to working with you! Thanks for the comment

  • Cheryl says:

    What exactly do you need to get started? I do not have a product to sell. I would like to, but what ideas do you need to get started?

    • Eric Cantu says:

      The only thing you need to get started is drive. Seriously. It isn’t a training course where you need some background in marketing or products to push. The training walks you through every single step of affiliate marketing which is promoting products you love from trusted brands like Amazon.com for example. Thanks for the comment Cheryl!

  • Clyde Coles says:

    Hello Eric,

    What a great review and explanation of Wealthy Affiliate you have written. I really feel like you explained things very well. As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, I have to agree with everything you said.

    Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I just THOUGHT I knew something about SEO. This program not only took by the hand and taught me a lot but I could not wait to log on everyday and see what I could learn!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      I could not agree with you more, Clyde. It’s been a real eye opener. I had no idea there was such an algorithm to creating content, but the steps make sense, and now I put together articles completely differently than I used to and it’s working! I still have so much to learn. But like u said, I can’t wait! Thanks for the comment brother!

  • Samantha says:

    So how exactly are you making money? Great article though 🙂

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Hey Samantha! Think of a website for your online business just like you would a storefront. When you’re able to get people in your store, you have the opportunity to make money. This is equally true for getting traffic to a website.

      Wealthy affiliate not only trains you on how to build that website that gets traffic but also on all the ways to then make money from it, whether it be from offering goods and services of your own or through very popular systems like affiliate marketing where you get paid by simply promoting products you enjoy using.

      The training is all there and explains everything step by step. They explain everything really well in their overview here too. Just scroll through it and navigate around 🙂 it’s free to try. You won’t be disappointed.

      Did that help? I hope so 🙂 thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate it.

  • Diego says:

    Hey Eric! I was actually thinking about join GAZ but came across this. I was wondering is there any webinars on this or any type of detailed videos on this?

    • Eric Cantu says:

      What’s up Diego! That’s exactly how I found Wealthy Affiliate too, actually. And if you want my personal advice, this is a way better option than GAZ. It’s half the cost monthly, you can actually give this one a test drive for a week completely free, and this one really delivers.

      You can actually stay with the free membership forever if you wanted, but if you join through any of the links above and you decide it’s for you, you can get a pretty decent discount on the first month if you were to decide to go premium in your first 7 days.

      Go for it, brother! You got nothing to lose! Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it!

  • Kurtis Quick says:

    This is a very well put together review. I can see you find this platform to be very useful. Is there a way on Wealthy Affiliate to boost posts or pages up in rank once you have created a post? How do you improve the SEO of your website?

    • Eric Cantu says:

      That’s a good question because so many other platforms use boosting and automation to promise front page statuses. What i personally like about WA is everything is done organically. No bots or automated boosts, although there’s nothing wrong with paying for a facebook boost on a facebook business page after you’ve shared there, and WA goes over all pros and cons of that.

      The training on keywords is huge to me. Knowing how to get actual readers to your post by using the right keywords and knowing how to find them changed everything for me.

      When it comes to SEO, i knew nothing about it prior to WA. Nothing. Now through the training and using the right plugins I’m able to create an article that is perfectly optimized for the google spiders to make their way to and rank. (I didn’t even know there was such a thing as google spiders prior to WA, lol). And that’s what i mean when it comes to step by step training.

      If it was able to guide me to a better understanding of something i thought was complicated like SEO it can help anyone.

      Thanks for the comment, Kurtis. I appreciate it.

  • Ashley says:

    Dang! This review was thorough and incredibly well written! I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate for about a month now and the only con I could find was information overload! Did you ever feel at first like it was actually hard to keep up and respond to every comment and every offer to help in a timely manner? It really blew me away!

    I appreciate that you point out that it’s free, but I’ll say that it’s well worth the premium membership. I LOVE how interactive and helpful the community is and I’ve implemented dozens of suggestions given to me by other wealthy affiliate members to help my site become one that is valuable to my readers. Thanks for this review, I think you definitely captured the true spirit of the Wealthy Affiliate community!

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Information overload! Lol. I’m pretty good at doing everything in a linear way and that helps. I stick with the lessons step by step and try not to get ahead of myself. Your comment made me laugh lol, but i totally agree with everything you said about the community. Thanks for that Ashley. Continued success with WA!

  • Very nice review of Wealthy Affiliate. As a Wealthy Affiliate member I can vouch for it over and above any affiliate marketing products on the market. I have used several and this one is by far the best. You won’t get the same value for money anywhere else.

  • Dan says:

    Nice review! Like any self directed type of work, I bet it takes time, but I’m willing to give it a go! Your review went into depth, which I liked, and gave me all the info I need

  • kevon says:

    Hi Eric,

    I wanted to share my WA experience. As a user myself I must say that you are totally correct in your rating and review. I give it 5 stars myself. The help, training and techniques are totally spot on. I also find the community spirit and the notion of everyone helping everyone else is totally novel. It flies in the face of the corporate world that’s all about competition and cut throat to get ahead in life. At WA it’s more about working together to build a bigger pie so everyone can get a bigger slice. I just love it and will endorse it 100%

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Kevon. I’m a big fan of the WA community and you hit the nail on the head. Looking forward to helping more people get their businesses off the ground. Thanks for the comment.

  • Wenda says:

    I’m a member of wealthy affiliate and I can attest to everything that is posted here as true! I love this program and want to share my success story. As an entrepreneur of 15 years I never had a single post of mine get to the front page UNTIL NOW. The work that I’ve done in this program is getting my posts to the first page of google search… and that is amazing! I attribute that success to wealthy affiliate.

  • Peter says:

    Great review Eric! You have hit on all the major points as to why Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get started building a business online. Really well done!
    Thanks Peter

  • joanthan says:

    Hey mate

    Im also using wealthy affiliate and i have found it to be an amazing program. I wouldnt have come this far without it!

  • Dino says:

    Great post my friend, I am one of the members of WA too! It’s really a great community and I preferred to call it an University of Online Business! I love it so much and I have learned much much more from them.

  • Debbie says:

    I am a new member of WA. I joined on Jan 7, 2017 and became premium on Jan. 14. Then last night, Jan. 26 I bought my first domain. I have lots of ideas and this website is a wonderful inspiration showing it CAN be done with time. It is not going to happen overnight and it takes work but it WILL happen.

    • Eric Cantu says:

      I know the feeling. When I first joined WA I started peeking around at the other member’s sites to see what they looked like and it was immediate inspiration. Congrats on taking your first step! Thanks for the kind words!

  • Norman says:

    Hello and thanks for sharing, I like the sound of that travel the world and make money online. Many people are getting involved with making money online because of the many benefits that comes along with this type of work. Is there really no start up cost? You mention not even a need for a saved credit card? True?

    • Eric Cantu says:

      It’s absolutely free. And you might think it’s free for a trial period and then they charge you, but no, it’s free forever should you chooose that option. There is more given to you at premium, the biggest benefit being the ability to create 2 websites as a free member and 50 as a premium member, and there are classrooms and courses that open up to the premium members as well that make it really worthwhile, but you can always go back to free or stay at free forever should u choose that option. Thanks norman

  • mark says:

    Hi Eric,

    I liked your review about Wealthy Affiliate, I hope that they are real as you described them and I sincerely hope they actually can help me be successful! Internet is full of scammers and cheaters nowadays, and they are only trying to steal your money. Your Wealthy review really gives me hope that there is REAL opportunity to succeed online.

    Even the price seems fair. $19 for your first month with your bonus offer is very affordable. I will definitely check out this program, but at the very least try the Free membership, that is just awesome!


    • Eric Cantu says:

      Definitely take advantage of the free test drive first, cuz why not? You get a really good idea and feel for everything available to you. There’s a welcome video tutorial for you right out of the gates that explains everything. Do like i did and enjoy what it has to offer for a full 7 days if you like. You can go premium any time during that first week and still take advantage of my bonus and get the first premium month for $19. Good luck! Feel free to message me once you jump in and i’ll follow you and help you any time you need feedback. Thanks Mark!

  • A Habil says:

    Hi there, I agree with your article.
    This is the first site that I found which guide me through step by step to make my first website.

    I think that the fees that I paid wort every single pennies of it. Plus, I am now the premium member of WA. The only thing is, may I know whether you recommend to stay as premium member even after completing the course?


    • Eric Cantu says:

      How’s it going man… I personally weighed the tools available as a free member versus as a premium member, and I felt I would absolutely get my money’s worth and then some. After that point, I never looked back. Hopefully my bonus offer sweetens the deal. Really good question.

  • Shay says:

    Hey Eric!
    As a fellow premium member of WA, I love the examples you chose to use on your website here! You allow interested individuals to get a full glimpse at what the website looks like, as well as the overall picture of what they will be getting if they put in the work. Best of all, you actually reminded me of a point that I forgot I wanted to highlight in my own review, so thank you! Push on!! I’m right along side you, and hopefully this review will pull in more future members 🙂

    • Eric Cantu says:

      Thanks Shay. It’s great to see those building their own online business with WA come by and sing it’s praises. It’s like a confirmation for the high grade I gave. Thank you!

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